First Bento!


Bottom Tier: Mu shu pork spring rolls on a bed of roasted peppers, garnished with sauteed almonds and sesame seeds.  The HK cup has garlic chili ponzu dipping sauce for the rolls.

Top Tier: white rice with a soy sauce fishie, apple slices, and tea-marbled egg whites.

Side car had yogurt with blueberries and almonds.

Final Verdict:  the rice was as expected, same with the apple.  The tea-marbled egg idea I got from Cooking Cute.  The one pictured here was only simmered for an hour, so it was quite light.  I let the other ones brew for about three hours, and they’re much darker.  I don’t like egg yolk, so I gave it to my kitties.  But the egg whites were nummy and quite lovely, so I will have to make these again!
The spring rolls were Wolfgang Puck brand, and weren’t bad.  However, the sauce that came with them (tagged “Garlic chili ponzu dipping sauce”), the reason I got them in the first place, ended up being nothing more than soy sauce.  Or, at least, that’s how it tasted.


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